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Early Access Open Beta

Post by [KN]NoLimit on Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:05 am

The next phase of the Vindictus beta is set to begin. For battle-ready players who fought their way through the Closed beta though, they and their select friends will be able to get early access starting September 15, 2010!

Players participating in the Vindictus Early Access Beta will receive two extra codes to invite their friends into the Beta. Even better, everyone who participates in the Early Access Beta be able to level up characters, collect loot, slash monsters, and save all their progress for when the game goes live. You heard right! All characters created in the Early Access period and later beta phases will be kept and carried into the live launch of the game!

- Vindictus Staff -

The next round of beta for Vindictus is right around the corner. Early Access Beta will begin on September 15 and last until October 6. This beta phase will be much, much larger than the closed beta, and there will be many more opportunities for players to participate.

Closed Beta Testers
Everyone who participated in the closed beta test is automatically entered into Early Access Beta. Closed beta testers will also receive additional beta keys by email to give out to friends and enemies alike.

Gaming Portal Giveaways
Additionally, we’ll be working closely with your favorite gaming websites to give everyone a chance to play. We’ll post the giveaways on our website, so keep an eye out for your chance.

Empowering Players
Everyone who enters Early Access Beta is going to receive two additional keys. We want you guys to be involved in how this beta phase is shaped, so we’re empowering players to spread the word and share the game with everyone. That also means if you received a beta key from someone, and you enter the beta, you’ll also get keys to giveaway.

From Here Until Launch
Characters created during Early Access Beta and forward will not be wiped. That means the character you create here will stay with you throughout your Vindictus experience.

We again want to thank our community and beta testers past, present and future. Vindictus Early Access Beta arrives next week, so see you in the game!

If you have an Early Access Key, register it by clicking here.
The Vindictus Team



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