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DK1009 Application Catness

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DK1009 Application Catness

Post by DK1009 on Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:52 pm

✿ Full Real Name*: Huy Gia Nguyen
✿ In-Game Name(IGN)*: DK1009
✿ Age:16
✿ Gender*:Male
✿ Nationality:Vietnamese

✿ Tell us about yourself, anything you want to say*: I'm azn, i eat a lot, i play tennis, im in a relationship with Dixie Tuyen, and im cool, i like to watch crazy cat vids, america home funniest vids so pro BTW.

✿ Know any members? If do, list*: [KN]SYNC, [KN]NoLimit

✿ Requirements*:
-Willing to commit to Redemption Guild and be part of Kryptnation
-Somewhat fun/good humor(:
-Have a blast and help grow Kryptnation

✿ By agreeing to this, you have filled out this application with correct responces. [X]* ([X]=agree | [ ]=disagree) Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool afro lol! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil


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Re: DK1009 Application Catness

Post by [KN]NoLimit on Sat Sep 11, 2010 9:19 pm

Alright, thanks for being interested, we'll get back to you(:



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